Training and coaching

Triple-C requires constant education for everyone working with this model. That is why all Triple-C care workers, team leaders, managers, behavior specialists and doctors at ASVZ receive constant support to implement the model successfully

All or nothing: 'a little' Triple-C does not work
Application of the Triple-C model incidentally does not work. When the focus of the treatment remains on counteracting and managing behavioral problems, nothing really changes. A care worker who does not think differently or see differently, will not dare to act differently. The same goes for a team leader, manager, behavior specialist, doctor or director. Working with Triple-C requires an organization in which everyone shares the same values and thinks, sees and acts from those values.

Triple-C in other organizations

In the past twenty years at ASVZ, we have created the preconditions necessary to work with Triple-C successfully. We have developed the treatment model, realized the culture shift, and we train and coach all co-workers at ASVZ who work with Triple-C. For more information, you can buy the book Triple-C: A different approach to care and treatment of people with intellectual disabilities or you can sign up for one of our excursion day tours.