Who we are

ASVZ is an organisation that provides care and other services to people with a mental disability.

High quality of care

Over 5000 employees devote themselves together with 1900 volunteers to care for around 5200 clients, including (young) adults, elderly persons, children or the whole family.

Society places high demands on our ability to cope, which is why we offer people with a mental disability and their families support where needed, both at home and at our living facilities.

Personal approach
ASVZ offers people with a mental disability the opportunity to shape their lives. The starting point is always the client’s personal background. We let clients tell us what they want, however major or minor their needs may be. We then look for a solution together.

Broad care package
We have come across a variety of needs in the course of time, enabling us to set up a diverse package of care and services, and our employees dispose of widely divergent professional skills. The services we offer develop in step with the needs of our clients.

Good relationship
ASVZ wants to offer high quality care. Therefore, a good relationship with the client and his/her family comes first. We continuously keep the dialogue about one another’s possibilities and impossibilities open, since this is the basis for committed personal care and other services.

What we want
Each individual is unique, with his own needs, preferences and possibilities. ASVZ strives to meet the personal wants and needs of its clients to the best of its ability, however major or minor they may be. The point is to allow the client to make independent choices and to be able to influence his/her own life and surroundings.

As an organisation, it is essential to have clear starting points in order to adequately respond to the various needs of clients. This is certainly the case if many different employees work together to shape the care and services provided. ASVZ’s method of working is described in the care vision (flipbook), which serves as our compass. What we wish to express with this care vision is what we stand for as an organisation and what is required of our employees in terms of conduct.
The main question that our employees can ask themselves and each other is: what and how? What do you intend to do and how do you intend to do it? And then proceed to take action accordingly. The relationship and dialogue with the client are essential in this respect, and our entire package of care and services should be focussed on this.

What we do
The care, guidance and support provided by ASVZ are versatile and personal, geared to the needs of the client. The individual needs are met in various ways.
ASVZ has numerous living facilities at its disposal at dozens of locations, varying from more to less sheltered, and providing a large diversity of daily activities.
The organisation furthermore offers various forms of ambulatory care and services, including:

  • guidance in independent living
  • family support
  • pedagogical family counselling
  • temporary living, holiday and weekend facilities
  • family accommodations
    We also supply specialist forms of counselling and treatment, such as:
  • specific medical and pedagogical care
  • dental care
  • made-to-measure physiotherapy
  • various forms of therapy

Clients or their representatives can call upon ASVZ for any questions regarding care in kind and purchasing care on the basis of a personal care budget.
ASVZ is affiliated with Carante Group, a national co-operation of independent, regionally operating organisations in the care sector.

Where we operate
The area in which ASVZ provides its services extends from the southern and middle regions of the Netherlands to Brabant.

E-mail: info@asvz.nl